The G20 and the Governance of Global Finance

This analysis tries to evaluate the effectiveness of the G20 on changing the global financial landscape.

Turkey-EU Relations in the Context of the Refugee Crisis

What are the EU and Turkey expecting from each other regarding the Syrian civil war, migration management, and border security? What can a mutual agreement on such issues involve?

Neighboring a Civil War: Turkey’s Border Security With Syria

This paper analyses the issue of how Turkey’s border security policy has been shaped since 2013.

Elections in Turkey

This election analysis wiill focus on the June election results, the coalition formation process that failed in the period after the elections and variables that will influence the voting behavior of the Turkish electorates in the upcoming elections.

The Syrian Crisis After The Russian Intervention

“Syrian crisis in aftermath of the Russian intervention” panel took place in SETA Ankara in 12th of October, 2015. The panel will try mainly to focus on three questions…

Turkey’s Syrian Refugees

In this report, we provide an overview of the situation of refugees in Turkey and the difficulties that Turkey is facing in handling such a major crisis alongside of its Southern border.

A Tale of Four Augusts: Obama’s Syria Policy

This book provides a synopsis of the past four years of U.S. policy in Syria. It brings together the major turning points of this policy since the beginning of the Arab Spring.

A Chronology of Human Rights in Egypt: From the Coup to the Present

A Chronology of Human Rights in Egypt: From the Coup to the Present

Turkey and the U.S.: The Longest Two Years of the Relations

This paper explores the ups and downs of Turkish-American relations since 2003 and seeks to explain why these last two years have brought serious strain on the Ankara- Washington relationship.



ISIL’s Main Aim is to Create Instability in Turkey

Friday, October 16, 2015 | Videos | Enes Bayraklı

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