The German Nationality Regime and the Rights of Foreigners in Germany

This paper analyzes citizenship rights of migrants and foreigners in Germany in addition to policies of the country toward these social groups by also focusing on political and social transformation in Europe and specifically in Germany.

Repercussions of 15 July Coup Attempt in Turkey on Foreign Policy

On 26 October, 2016 SETA European Studies Directorate in cooperation with British Institute of Turkish Affairs (BITAF) will organize a panel on the issue of “15 July Coup Attempt in Turkey and Its Repercussion on Foreign Policy” in London, UK.

Turkish-American Relations and the Next Administration of the U.S.

The issues of Syria, the YPG, and the Gulen case will be the most challenging disagreements to resolve for the new administration in its relations with Turkey.

Democracy Watch: Social Perception of 15 July Coup Attempt

This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the results of the fieldwork by taking into account the main motivations of the people and their perception of the 15th July coup attempt.

Turkish-Saudi Relations: A Cooperative Approach in an Increasingly Transforming Region

SETA hosted a talk by H.E. Adel Al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, entitled “Saudi-Turkish relations: a cooperative approach in an increasingly transforming region.” The talk was followed by a question and answer segment lead by SETA General Coordinator Burhanettin Duran.

A Road Map for the Education of Syrians in Turkey

The SETA Foundation is especially sensitive on the issue of Syrians’ education and in this study aims to contribute to developing a road map on Syrians’ education and to work against the creation of lost generations.

5 Questions: Operation Euphrates Shield

Constitutively, the “Euphrates Shield” operation had two phases. The first phase aimed to liberate several villages and areas in the west and south of Jarabulus in order to be able to lay siege to the city. In the second phase, an offensive attack enabled the entrance of the aforementioned forces to the city center.

The Triumph of Turkish Democracy: The July 15 Coup Attempt And Its Aftermath

The aim of this book is to overcome the prejudice and the misunderstanding against Turkey by analysing the events that took place on that night and the developments that followed.

Facts about Gulenist Terror Organisation

Gulenist Terror Organization infiltrated into State Institutions for many years and lastly staged a coup attempt on the night of July 15. Here are the facts about Gulen Terror Organization's financial sources, infiltration methods, propaganda and lobbying activities.

True & False About The Gülenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)

True & False About The Gülenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)

The Resilience of the Turkish Economy after the Failed Coup Attempt

In this SETA Analysis, we first give a snapshot of the Turkish Economy. Secondly, we take an overview of actions taken by policymakers to ensure the efficient functioning of the economy and to relieve financial markets after the failed coup attempt.

Orientalism Reloaded: How Western Media Covered the Coup Attempt in Turkey

How did the media in a number of Western European countries cover the military coup attempt of July 15 and the terrorist attacks in France? What is the role of Islamophobia and Orientalism in the Western media coverage of the military coup attempt in Turkey?

The Declaration of the State of Emergency and Its Implications after the Failed Coup Attempt on July 15

Why did Turkey declare a state of emergency? What does it mean and what are the implications of it? Does the state of emergency mean bypassing the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM)?

The Triumph of Turkish Unity against the Coup Attempt

What happened on July 15 and who was behind the coup attempt? How did domestic actors respond? What was the response of international actors?

The July 15 Resistance by the Turkish People: Googling “How to Stop a Tank”

Why is the July 15 Turkish Resistance against the coup attempt is a civil resistance case? How did unarmed civilians become successful in the face of troops? Why did the July 15 resistance receive broad-based participation? What are the factors that will shape the future of the July 15 resistance campaign?

The July 15 Coup Attempt: False & True

During and after the failed coup attempt in Turkey, the reality of the events has been obscured by the international media and politics. Faced with such an issue, SETA Foundation through this infographic tends to elucidate on what really is happening in Turkey.




It Is So Obvious That Gülen Is Behind This Coup Attempt

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