Erdoğan’s Politics and His Presidential Mission

The “New Turkey” project that is at the center of Erdoğan’s reform is comprised of three factors: independence, democracy and development.

Security Sector Reform and the Arab Spring

What is the role of the Security Sector in triggering the Arab-Majority Uprisings? What kinds of obstacles is Security Sector Reform facing? What steps need to be taken in order to facilitate Security Sector Reform?

Palestinians in East Jerusalem: Road Map to Annexation

What are the sources of recent unrest in East Jerusalem? What does Israel want to achieve? How is this received by Palestinians? What is a proper course of action by the international community?

Energy Supply Security and the Southern Gas Corridor

This analysis focuses on the concept of energy supply security and SGC project that have been developed to provide energy supply security with Turkmenistan, Iran, KRG, and the East Mediterranean.

The Battlefront of the ISIS-PYD Encounter Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani)

When has the PKK and the PYD’s relation with the Asad Regime started and how has it evolved? Why has ISIS begun to target the PYD? What are the possible implications of the fall of Ayn Al Arab?



Not an Omen But a Joy for Turkey

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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