The Triumph of Turkish Democracy: The July 15 Coup Attempt And Its Aftermath

The aim of this book is to overcome the prejudice and the misunderstanding against Turkey by analysing the events that took place on that night and the developments that followed.

Facts about Gulenist Terror Organisation

Gulenist Terror Organization infiltrated into State Institutions for many years and lastly staged a coup attempt on the night of July 15. Here are the facts about Gulen Terror Organization's financial sources, infiltration methods, propaganda and lobbying activities.

True & False About The Gülenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)

True & False About The Gülenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)

The Resilience of the Turkish Economy after the Failed Coup Attempt

In this SETA Analysis, we first give a snapshot of the Turkish Economy. Secondly, we take an overview of actions taken by policymakers to ensure the efficient functioning of the economy and to relieve financial markets after the failed coup attempt.

Orientalism Reloaded: How Western Media Covered the Coup Attempt in Turkey

How did the media in a number of Western European countries cover the military coup attempt of July 15 and the terrorist attacks in France? What is the role of Islamophobia and Orientalism in the Western media coverage of the military coup attempt in Turkey?

The Declaration of the State of Emergency and Its Implications after the Failed Coup Attempt on July 15

Why did Turkey declare a state of emergency? What does it mean and what are the implications of it? Does the state of emergency mean bypassing the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM)?

The Triumph of Turkish Unity against the Coup Attempt

What happened on July 15 and who was behind the coup attempt? How did domestic actors respond? What was the response of international actors?

The July 15 Resistance by the Turkish People: Googling “How to Stop a Tank”

Why is the July 15 Turkish Resistance against the coup attempt is a civil resistance case? How did unarmed civilians become successful in the face of troops? Why did the July 15 resistance receive broad-based participation? What are the factors that will shape the future of the July 15 resistance campaign?

The July 15 Coup Attempt: False & True

During and after the failed coup attempt in Turkey, the reality of the events has been obscured by the international media and politics. Faced with such an issue, SETA Foundation through this infographic tends to elucidate on what really is happening in Turkey.

After the Failed Coup: How to Deal with the FETO Threat in the Short and Medium Terms

What kind of strategies can work against such a clandestine organization? Is it possible to de-radicalize the followers of such a fundamentalist group? How can international cooperation be facilitated against the provocative speculations disseminated in the international media? What sort of strategies can be followed against the leadership and messianic ideology of the FETO?

Understanding the Ideational Sources of the Terrorist Coup Attempt

How does the Gulenist infiltration strategy work? Have the Gulenists attempted any takeover before? What is the Gulenist link to the failed coup attempt?

Main Tenets of a Failed Coup Attempt

How was the coup attempt supposed to work? How did it fail? How did the process of fighting against the coup work?

Turkey’s Stillborn Junta Coup Attempt: Process, Responses And Prospects

The paper focuses on the consequences and influences of the 15th July military coup attempt in the context of Turkey’s near political future.

5 Questions: The July 15 Coup Attempt

We can say that the organization enacted a three-stage plan on the night of July 15.

Declaration of State of Emergency and the West's Misery

The liquidation of the FETÖ not only means getting rid of a terrorist organization, it also means eliminating a handy lever that has a significant response in other initiatives that have been experienced over the past three years.

Political Economy of the Foiled Coup in Turkey

The coup attempt was unorthodox because it was executed outside of the chain of command, i.e. not by orders from the central command of the Chief of Staff, but rather by military units controlled by Gülenist coup plotters from different divisions within the military

We Are Here To Defend the Country

Turkish people on streets to guard democracy against Gülenist coup plotters

Turkey Post-Coup Attempt

After the failure of the attempted coup, we started to learn about the number of generals and commanders who participated, which further shocked Turkish public opinion.

Public Announcement

Turkey is now about to recover from this uneasy process by the help of its national solidarity. We are certainly going to keep flocking and protecting the streets and city squares against the pro-coup terrorists until the last threat is finally eliminated.



It Is So Obvious That Gülen Is Behind This Coup Attempt

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