Call for Papers: Turkey’s Politics of Energy Security

The spring issue of Insight Turkey invites individual paper contributions that address Turkey's energy security relations within the changing dynamics of regional security system.

After 'Chapel Hill Shooting': Double Standards in the Media Discourse

Nobody can justify terror but the root cause is a reflection of a western-centric discourse and is extremely worrying. Defending freedom, human rights, and dignity of people requires sincerity and it cannot be hidden under the guise of political projects.

The Radical Right in Contemporary Europe

This is an analysis that sees the success of the radical right not only as a critical challenge to, but also as a complex problem of, ‘mainstream’ politics and society.

Erdoğan’s Politics and His Presidential Mission

The “New Turkey” project that is at the center of Erdoğan’s reform is comprised of three factors: independence, democracy and development.

Security Sector Reform and the Arab Spring

What is the role of the Security Sector in triggering the Arab-Majority Uprisings? What kinds of obstacles is Security Sector Reform facing? What steps need to be taken in order to facilitate Security Sector Reform?



Turkey Provides Assistance to Build a Future Generation in Somalia

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 | Videos | Mehmet Özkan

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