Institutionalized Islamophobia: The Draft of the Austrian Islam-Law

Is this draft guaranteeing Muslims the same rights as other legally recognized churches and public religious bodies?

Turkey’s Involvement in Somalia: Assesment of a State-Building in Progress

This study primarily aims to provide an analysis on a regional and global scale while providing insight into the actions of Turkish institutions and organizations in Somalia.

Kobani and Turkish-American Relations

After the U.S. decision not to attack the Syrian regime, questions and skepticism started to emerge about the U.S. strategy in Syria.

The New Turkey's Challenges

If street violence undermines the nation's security and stability, the country might end up short of a stable environment to build a more democratic political system.

The Northern Front of the Combat against ISIS: Peshmarga-Western Alliance

What is the ISIS strategy in the north of Iraq? In which regions do the Peshmerga-ISIS clashes intensify? Who are the partners of the prospective coalition against ISIS and what do they aim for?

Energy Supply Security and the Southern Gas Corridor

This analysis focuses on the concept of energy supply security and SGC project that have been developed to provide energy supply security with Turkmenistan, Iran, KRG, and the East Mediterranean.



Not an Omen But a Joy for Turkey

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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