Davutoglu’s Victory: Making the Already Known Official

During his term in office, Davutoglu withstood domestic and international attacks with grace and passed every political stress test.

The Davutoğlu Government and Civilization Discourse

A mild and inclusive civilization discourse is required to prompt the human capital of all segments of social life. The key point is the institutionalization of Erdoğan's policies through an active reconciliation.

What Davutoğlu Represents

Erdoğan's victory on Aug. 10, coupled with Davutoğlu's emergence as the AK Party's new chairman, proved the opposition's attempts futile.

Erdoğan and Davutoğlu: the Right Formula for New Turkey

The first months of Davutoğlu's premiership are likely to be part of a transition period during which the foundations of the new political setting will be laid down without radical changes in the cabinet and main policy priorities.

Obama and Syria: a Year After Chemical Attacs

Addressing the problem on both sides of the border would necessitate a more comprehensive strategy. The new strategy should involve actions more than PR campaigns and newspaper headlines.



Polls Speak ‘Highly’ about the AK Party; Turkey not to Lose the EU

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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