The Loss of Humanity: The Human Rights Dimension of the Civil War in Syria

This study tries to take a picture of Syria accompanied by cross-sections reflecting sufferings of Syrian people who are turned into nothing but statistics.

Losing the World While Putting Its House in Order: Toward Imagining a US Without the World

The broken trust and lack of credibility may necessitate a lot more effort, resource and time allocated to repair those relationships. While the U.S. was imagining a world without her, it could face a U.S. without the world.

Opposition Voters and the Real Threat Aganist Democracy

Why did the CHP and MHP endorse a candidate whose likely unsuccessful bid would create a political vacuum and drive their supporters toward feelings of defeat and victimhood?

The Future of Democracy in Turkey (II)

One of the most significant challenges for the future of a Turkish democracy is the formation of democratic institutions that will protect the democratic achievements of previous decades.

The Future of Democracy in Turkey

Democratization in Turkey has been a long and challenging process. Today, after decades of tutelage, Turkey is about to enter an irreversible path toward a more democratic country.

Turkey and the Israel Problem

The normalising of Turkey-Israel relations since the establishment of Israel in the19th century has been strained by default.



Polls Speak ‘Highly’ about the AK Party; Turkey not to Lose the EU

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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