Obama’s War Coalition

First and foremost, the Abadi government will have to accumulate enough power to discourage Sunni tribes from joining ISIS fighters. The main question remains: what will happen once ISIS is defeated?

Human Development and the New Turkey

A more humane and effective global competition strategy is possible only if we realize the significance of investment into high-level education, workplace training and use of new technologies.

Obama's ISIS Strategy and Unanswered Questions

First of all, it is not clear how ISIS will be destroyed and what the projected timeframe for this operation will be.

The New Turkey Phenomenon

If you were to scratch today's date off a number of ideologically-charged opposition papers and replaced them with, say, 1989 or 2002, you would encounter no absurd situation.

The Question of Muslim Nationalism

Does the civilization discourse of the AK Party, which ended the exclusion of religious Muslims and the Kurds from the public sphere, produce a form of, albeit more inclusive, nationalism?




Not an Omen But a Joy for Turkey

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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