Can Turkey's Mercy Help Africa?

Turkey’s political interest in Africa has also prompted a diplomatic expansion. Turkey has increased its number of embassies on the continent from 12 in 2002 to 34 in 2013.

'Great Power Brings Great Responsibility': Rwanda Remembered

In addition to sounding very familiar within the emerging norm of R2P (Responsibility to Protect), this feeling of responsibility also constitutes a significant but ignored pillar of great power legitimacy in international relations.

March 30 and MHP: The Failure Seen As Success

The MHP's inability to create a presence in metropolitan cities was the main cause of the party's dismay on March 30.

Turkish Politics: The Road To Ghettoization

Turkey's local elections which looked more like parliamentary elections are finally behind us. Never had an election season in the country's history been so aggressive and tense.

Post-Elections: Back To The ‘Virtuous Circle’

In the post-election period, Turkey has already entered a new era of high economic growth and robust political stability, thus restoring its decade-long virtuous circle.



Polls Speak ‘Highly’ about the AK Party; Turkey not to Lose the EU

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

Recent Reports and Analysis

  • Turkey’s 2014 Local Elections

    Turkey’s 2014 Local Elections


    While no big surprises are expected from the local elections, the perception of success or failure of the ruling party will have an impact on its calculations with respect to the presidential election and the parliamentary election in 2015.

  • Intractable Peace Israel - Palestine

    Intractable Peace Israel - Palestine

    Sabrien Amrov

    The analysis offers a local, regional and global landscape of key issues and actors in regards to the new rounds of the American brokered peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority under the Kerry Talks.

  • The United Nations and International Inequality

    The United Nations and International Inequality

    Berdal Aral

    It is argued in the analysis that the UN is far from playing an effective and consistent role in the globalizing international order and this is the main reason behind decreasing reliability and prestige of the UN in the eyes of the international society.