The Loss of Humanity: The Human Rights Dimension of the Civil War in Syria

This study tries to take a picture of Syria accompanied by cross-sections reflecting sufferings of Syrian people who are turned into nothing but statistics.

Opposition Voters and the Real Threat Aganist Democracy

Why did the CHP and MHP endorse a candidate whose likely unsuccessful bid would create a political vacuum and drive their supporters toward feelings of defeat and victimhood?

The Future of Democracy in Turkey (II)

One of the most significant challenges for the future of a Turkish democracy is the formation of democratic institutions that will protect the democratic achievements of previous decades.

The Future of Democracy in Turkey

Democratization in Turkey has been a long and challenging process. Today, after decades of tutelage, Turkey is about to enter an irreversible path toward a more democratic country.

Turkey and the Israel Problem

The normalising of Turkey-Israel relations since the establishment of Israel in the19th century has been strained by default.

Israel and the Region after Israel's Operation Protective Edge

In the history of Turkish-Israeli relations, the Palestinian Question played a critical role and regardless of the political leaning of the administrations in Turkish governments, reacted to the unproportional use of force in the region.



Polls Speak ‘Highly’ about the AK Party; Turkey not to Lose the EU

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | Videos | Galip Dalay

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